Yes, I Will Marry You


If you’re visiting this page, you’re about to do something wonderful! You’re about to pledge yourself to spend the rest of your life with someone, and you’re looking for an officiant to perform the ceremony.

My name is Rafael Olmeda, and I would love to be that officiant, if you’ll have me.

I am a professional writer, and my goal is simply to tell your story. No two couples are alike. No two ceremonies should be. Your wedding ceremony should not be a stop on the way to the celebration; it should be a part of it. I love helping the couple to make that happen.

So give me a call and let’s talk about what you want.


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About Me

I’m a notary public in Florida and ordained with the Universal Life Church. I received the ordination specifically to perform wedding ceremonies for friends, and while it is legal, it doesn’t convey any formal religious training or belief system. The ordination enables me to perform ceremonies in states other than Florida. If you are from another state, we can check to see whether a ULC ordination is legally adequate.

I’m a humanist, and I offer a secular service. If you’d like to incorporate religious wording and themes into your ceremony, I can accommodate you in ways that enhance the service.

I am also a professional writer (I can’t use the name of my full-time employer for legal reasons, but feel free to search my name on Google).


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Feel free to call me at 954.304.5256. I will answer if I am available. You may also contact me using the form below.